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Dear Reader:

We hope you enjoyed this issue of The Story of Jamal Appleseed!

This is the second installment of what we hope to be an ongoing comic series written by and for people in our community. To keep this going - - we need YOUR input. There are 12 questions. It will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Some questions are ‘easy’ (like your age, race, gender) and some require a written response. Please respond to each question! Your feedback is really important.

It would be great if you would share any ideas for our next issue. If you leave your contact info we’ll let you when we need more of your input as soon as we get funding for issue #3!

ALERT Health is so very grateful to our clients who helped us write/revise the storyline and our funder (Dade Community Foundation) who made The Story of Jamal Appleseed / Issue #2 a reality!

If you missed the first issue, visit http://www.alerthealth.org/ja.pdf or pick up a copy at our office. Thanks for helping us help others!

The ALERT Team.
How old are you?

What is your race/ethnicity?

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Select one response for each statement:
I really enjoyed the story.
The story was very easy for me to read.
I think the story is realistic even though I may have not done some of the things that the characters did.
I am looking forward to the next issue to see what happens.
I would share my issue or give a friend a copy of "The Story of Jamal Appleseed".
I read the previous issue of The Story of Jamal Appleseed before reading the this issue.
People would have to read the last issue before this issue so the story in this issue would make sense.
I would be interested becoming a volunteer for ALERT like Jamal and Sonia did. (If yes, leave your name and phone#.)
What were the HEALTH MESSAGES that you got by reading The Story of Jamal Appleseed / Issue 2? (List as many as you like).
What did you like LEAST about the story?
What did you like MOST about the story?
What are your ideas for the next issue of the Jamal Appleseed series? Include as many suggestions as you can think of!
Please share your thoughts about the “comic series” approach that ALERT Health is taking to educate our clients and community. Your input HERE is really important in helping us get grants to continue the Jamal series:
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Which ONE character did you find most interesting?
Please contact jon@alerthealth.org if you have any questions regarding this survey.